Announcement / Latest Progress


Hello and Good Day everyone! We’d like update all our customers and visitors of all of the progress we’ve made so far. You can read below to know all the latest leaps and progress we’ve achieved.

There’s one company in particular we are looking at closely other than TraDove BBCoin, it’s, more about them here at

They have managed to raise US$28mil for their ICO, which was by the founder of, now a defunct online store. They have no or a dead Alexa traffic ranking while still managed to raise multi millions.

As StreetList will be modelling it’s fund raising route, we hope to raise US$40mil+ because we have Alexa ranking and traffic, experience as a developer for BCZ and etcetera. is now functional after a year of upgrades. We were previously hit by aggressive spam bots. More on spam bots attack at

Fortunately, nothing was hacked but we lost traffic because of the aggressive spam bot attack.

We have since rewrote and upgraded our firewall for the past year and it has been holding very well for the past 6 months.

The attacks were blocked and IPs are registered here :

Google “chicken supplier” to find If you see their traffic for the past 90 days and can see one of our customer’s website have 636 hacking and spamming attempts already. if it’s not stopped or blocked by our firewall, it’ll be slowing down the backend and website a lot.

Google “malaysia tyre distributor” to find If you see their traffic you can also see most websites have around 100-300 hacking or spamming attempts monthly.

We are finished with the difficult infrastructure deployment. We’ve currently spent the last year rewriting the whole infrastructure layer of the “http / tcp” layer and finally completed all major upgrades and R&D.

Now we will focus more on marketing and rolling out our platform.

More info will be posted progressively while we are holding an event launch next month for our platform introduction.