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SuiteCRM is a free and open source Customer Relationship Management application. Open source CRM is often used as an alternative to proprietary CRM software...

Server Solutions

Get in touch with us for all your server needs Our server solutions...
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Co-Location Hosting

OKiT247's high availability & high bandwidth solutions, coupled with the state-of-the-art data centres are designed to give businesses everything they need.
Geo Targeting

CDN / Geo-Targeting

Geo-Targeting refers to action that sending different content or advertisements to consumers that are all around the world.
email hosting

Email Hosting

OKiT247 Business Email Hosting Is An Email Solution Designed For Maximum Availability Vital to your everyday business...
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PC / Workstation

OKiT247 Offers Cost-Efficient, Reliable Workstations to Meet All of Your IT and Technical Infrastructure Needs Are You Looking...

H.A. / High Scalability

Scalability is the ability of a system to provide throughput in proportion to, and limited only by, available hardware resources....
virtual hosting

Virtual Hosting + VPS

Built for scaling server resources the moment you need them. 
dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

All The Features You Need for Dedicated Server Hosting Maximum Performance